Learn to Say Sorry?

There is a man from non-English spoken country. One day, he want to learn English, he went to his friend house. His friend taught the man, whenever he knocked down someone by accidently, he must said " I'm sorry " to that person, as the meaning of forgiveness.

One day, the man woke up lately. He was in a rush to go to work. So, he just run very fast to his working place. Suddenly, he knocked down a woman that walking on the street. He look at the woman, & said "I'm sorry!" to her.

Then, the woman reply him " I'm sorry too! " to him. The man stared at the woman, & think for a while. After it, the man said " I'm sorry three! " ( PS : the man think that 'too' is stand for 'two'! ) The woman was shocked, & ask him : " what are u sorry 'for'? ( PS : the man thought that 'for' is 'four'! ) then, the man said : " I'm sorry five! "

The woman : "......"


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