It’s Better Not to Use Too Much Fabric Plasters!

Normally, what will you do, if you get a cut or scrape accidentally? Well, in this case, most people will probably apply the fabric plaster on the wound!

We’ve done the wrong thing here, as the wounds supposed to be exposed to the air in order to heal faster. Of course, you have to apply the anti-inflammatory Methylrosanilinium Chloride Solution onto the wounds, as it inhibits the wounds from getting inflamed.

You’re advised not to use the fabric plaster, especially if you’ve a large scrape wound. For your information, most of the fabric plasters have poor ventilation and water absorption. If you insist to use it, it might cause infection or even lead to ulcers!

Note: No Fabric Plaster's photo thanks to publicphoto.


Linda said...

I agree! However, there are so many cute band-aids out there to use! Kinda like a temporary tatoo!!!

raynopss said...

Hehe, temporary tattoos are washable and disposable, not like the permanent ones, Linda! :)

curcuma said...

Thanks for the advise. Its very useful. You are saving people from being infected.

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