The Truth Fact of Miscarriage!

First of all, miscarriage is a very difficult and sadness situation, where it will leave a deep impact in both physically and mentally to the pregnancy woman, especially if the woman carrying her first baby!

Most of the doctors will recommend the women to rest at least 3-6 months before the next pregnancy to prevent miscarriage from happening again.

Basically, this is a very good suggestion, as it not only can give much more time to the endometrial tissue inside the uterus to reconstruct again, but it will also let the woman to forget about the sorrow of losing their stillbirth baby!

When you’re on the pregnancy stage, remember not to overdo those heavy workloads, as it will have a great effect on the baby or even lead to the miscarriage too. Your main duty as a pregnancy mother is having more rest, doing some light exercises, and eating nutritious foods everyday!

As long as you keep trying, you and your loved one will be blessed with a healthy baby in near future…


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