Gentlemen, You Are Better Take Care Your Oily Skin!

I’m always having the oily skin problem since my childhood. Honestly, I was somewhat frustrated about this matter, as no matter how hard I tried, the oily skin problem doesn’t seem want to away from me, instead it becoming even more serious in my teenager period, when I have the super duppa large sized acnes, which it can be a size of green pea!

Although it’s have been years since my graduation from college, but the problem still haunting me until today! Since then, I have swear to myself that I must find the effective ways to get the rid off to this problem. After a long and hard searching journey, I have finally figured out some of the solutions to overcome the oily skin!

You should determine first, whether you’re having the oily skin or not!

For most of the men that having the oily skin problem with usually experience clogged and dirty skin pores, acne and shiny skin!

  • Don’t be the lazybones!
  • Remember to exfoliate your oily skin at least 3 times a week
  • Choose the mild facial cleansers
  • Use warm water with the facial cleanser to open up the skin pores, and then remove the dirt and oil away.

If you can follow the above three simple tips, then you’ll have at least 80% of chance to say “Ta-Ta” to the oily skin problem!


dry skin said...

Knowing skin characters are very important to protect your skin. But dont forget that Your skin has got a character so whatever u do, it cant be change too much... i think ;)

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