Don’t Mix The Tofu with Onion!

Some people called it Tofu, some called it Doufu and some of them loved to call it Bean Curd, and whatever! Tofu is a food of Chinese origin, which it is made by coagulating soy milk and pressing the resulting curds into cute little blocks.

Since the Tofu is low in calories, has no saturated fat and high in iron and calcium, it’s has been classified as one of the healthy green foods.

Basically, fresh Tofu can be divided into three main classes, which as:

The Soft or silken tofu

This type of tofu is contains very high moisture content than other two does. As a result, it is mostly served as a dessert and generally eaten with a spoon!

Asian Firm Tofu

Although it has been drained and pressed, but it still contains a certain amount of moisture. This one is slightly harder than the Silken Tofu and can be picked up easily with using even a pair of chopstick!

Western firm/Dried Tofu

This tofu contains the least amount of moisture of all fresh tofus. Plus, this tofu can be shredded into dried tofu slices due to its hardness!

If you love to cook Tofu with the onion, then please stop this action right now! Do you know that tofu is rich in calcium, while the onions contain oxalic acid. When these two substances mixed, it will form Calcium Oxalate.

Did you know that with a small amount of calcium oxalate, it’s enough to cause some intense sensations of burning in the mouth and throat? If you consume it in larger amount, then be prepared to have the severe digestion, breathing difficulties, coma or even death!

If you do concern about it, then stop cooking the tofu with onion now, or you can substitute it with garlic if you want...


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