Basic Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss is both easy and hard. It's easy, because if you are overweight, simple changes to your diet and increased exercise will generally lead to weight loss. But it's hard because making these changes permanent is always a battle. If you were naturally geared towards being thin, in both your habits and your genetics, you probably wouldn't need to lose weight. If you tend towards being overweight, it means you'll need to change a number of ingrained habits into something more positive.

No matter the diet plan you follow, chances are you'll end up lowering the amount of sugar and processed foods you consume. In fact, a number of people have reported excellent results using the no flour no sugar diet, which can take some discipline, but ends up cutting fat fast.

No matter how much you diet, you'll never lose weight if you neglect your fitness. Jack LaLanne had a great saying that sums an important philosophy. He said, “Exercise is King, Nutrition is Queen. Put the both together and you have a pretty good kingdom.” Always keep that simple phrase in mind and you'll lose weight like a champ.


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