You Should Be Done it Before it's Too Late!

Sometimes, our life is full with unexpected incidents and most of us will be probably shocked when this do happen!

Today, I would like to tell you a true and sad story...

Zack, one of my best friends, is a very sincere and caring person. We have been recognized since we are in senior high. Honestly, he is captain of the basketball team in the high school that we are studying and many girls adoring him for this talent and gorgeous look! By the way, did I mention that Zack is also the Prom King as well?

After we've graduated from high school, I further my studies to the local college, while he continued his studies in Harvard University. I knew that Zack has met his beloved one, Melissa and they're totally a matched couple. Soon after they have finished their degree course, they've announced to getting married and I was so happy for my best buddy!

This seems like a fairy tale, where they should be living happily ever after. However, fate is a very ridiculous thing and we didn't even know what would strike us on the next second! After the 2 years of marry, Zack was being diagnosed by the doctor that he has pancreatic cancer and he is only having less than 2 months of life! Honestly, this unexpected news hit Zack badly and he doesn't know what to do about it.

I used to advise him to go for chemotherapy, but he refused it as he don't want to waste more money on it. Instead, he asked me to drive him to the nearest insurance company and bought one critical illness insurance. He also explained it to me that this critical illness insurance is only valid if he can live for 30 days beyond the date of diagnosis!

And, he told me not to tell his wife about his disease, as he doesn't want her to worry about him.

Well, in that period, Zack had tried his best to cover the truth and acting like a health normal person. However, Zack's journey still comes to the end and leaves us peacefully. Melissa was shocked about the unfortunate thing that happened on Zack, and she hated Zack for not telling her the truth. I have tried my best to persuade her and told her about the critical illness insurance that Zack left for her and his beloved son, Dylan.

After the detailed explanation, Melissa was so grateful to Zack and she promised me that she would never want to marry to other guy again, as the Zack is her only truth love in this world! And, she will try to raise Dylan all by herself. I have told her that she can find me, if she has any financial troubles. Guessed what, I'm now a godfather of little Dylan as well!

Zack, if you can see these words, I hoped you can rest in peace and having a good life in another world, as Melissa and Dylan will just be fined here! May you always be with god...


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