Keep Your Body Shape in The Finest Condition!

Nowadays, we're too busy with our daily job and the overtime stuffs (Not to mention the stress and tension matter!) Well, no matter how hard or busy your work is you still need to spend at least 30 minutes to workout and maintain your body in the good shape every day!

Well, if you're too busy with the work and don't even have time to go to the gym, then why don't you go and purchase a set of exercise equipment and workout in your home?

For your information, I'm also one of those people that frequently workout in my house with the exercise equipment, as I didn't have too much of spare time heading to the gym. Go figure, after hours of daily work, we have been extremely exhausted and I don't want to force myself to go the gym, which is situated 30 km away from my home!

For saving the time and money, I have renovated one of my house's room into a small gym and I usually workout in the room daily. Well, guessed what! My gym room is only 250 square feet large, but I have almost all types of exercise equipment inside it, such as a few steppers, mini exercise pedal cycle, fitness ball, dumbbells, exercise wheel, Yoga set and so on (Well, I need to admit that I'm a kind of obsessed with the exercise equipment lol)

We must remember one important thing here that the health is our treasure and that's why we have to keep it in a good condition and never try to lose it, or you will be regretted in the end!


David Leonhardt said...

I have a bench, a few free weights, a band, and an overhead bar for pull-ups. Oh, yes...and a lot of heart-pumping music on my laptop. That's all the equipment I need for a very complete one-hour workout, three times per week.

raynopss said...

Hi David,

Nice to see you here and thanks for dropping by :)

Hehe, then you're lucky enough to find the perfect ways to make you sweating, isn't it?

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