The Facts About Cystic Acne!

Being a teenager is not an easy task, as you not only have to deal with all the sudden change issues, but you still have a big enemy that you need to defeat as well!

Well, the enemy that I'm talking about am "Acne" and the problem will be worsens if you're having the Cystic acne! I was one of the unfortunate victims of this cruel "face killer" and I always became the main object of being teased by my schoolmates and friends since I was a teenager, and I should "thanks" this cystic acne for getting me in this kind of trouble!

For those of you here that have no ideas what this Cystic acne about, it's a severe form of acne, where the acne will develop into small little hideous cysts. Technically, these acne cysts are not true cysts but rather than an abnormal nodules of skin inflammation.

Below here are some of the acne information that causing the cystic acne, which as:

  1. Inflammation or skin irritation;
  2. Family genetic (Well, according to the dermatologist, my cystic acne is caused by family genetic!)
  3. Imbalanced hormonal activity;
  4. Tension or stress;
  5. Hyperactive sebaceous glands.

Honestly, the cystic acne will only make us become low self-esteemed and I was always embarrassed to go outside due to my ugly acne scars! The condition seems to have some improvement, only after I'm seeking acne treatment in the local hospital.

Therefore, to all my beloved readers, if you're one of those that being annoyed by the acne problem, then you should take action and looking for proper acne treatment now. Like the old adage, "It's better be late than never!"


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