A Banana A Day, Keeps The Constipation Away

As we all know, banana will be the ultimate choice for those that facing the serious constipation problem.

Well, this will be working perfectly if you eat those already riped bananas. If you ate the unripe one, your constipation will be even more serious than before.

Why? Most of the riped bananas enriched with fiber that cannot be easily digested by ilium. In addition to that, these fiber soluble fruit fiber will absorb and spread the water inside our colon back to the feces.

However, you have to remember that only the Riped bananas and never ever consume those unripe bananas, or you will get yourself in the constipation trouble.

PS: Photo credits goes to arikuncoro.


flax seed said...

Thanks for the info. Fiber-enriched food will always bring about bowel support--regulating its movement and consequent flush out from the colon. If you want to heighten support from constipation, eating flax seed a day will help to this end given a combination of dietary fibers and Omega 3 fatty acids in its husk respectively. - steve

raynopss said...

To flax seed: Thanks for the dropped by and informative comment.

As I know, the flax seed also a good alternative, which contains of high levels of lignans and Omega-3 fatty acid.

The lignans may also benefit the hearth and a good anti-cancer. The Flax fibers also a can efficiently prevent the constipation as well.

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