Health Guard is Golden Citizen Life Guard

Are you worrying about your parent, wonder if they remember to eat the prescription or medicines according to the time schedule?

Are you worrying that your parent didn't even look at the expired date of the foods or drinks in the refrigerator and may accidentally consume those expired foods or drinks?

Why don't you just wiped all of the above problems away with this new invention "Health Guard". This Health Guard was designed by Poland students, Izabela and Marcela. They both agreed that, all of the elder should be provided a Health Guard at their home.

Why? The reason is simple. They installed a "RFID wireless code detector" inside the "Health Guard". All you need to do, is use the Health Guard to scan the code that labeled at foods or drinks.

Furthermore, if the elder having a far-sightedness problem, they can even project the prescription or foods information onto the wall. By this way, they will be noticed what is the time table for consuming the medicines or the calories and fat for the foods as well.

If you place the Health Guard at the refrigerator, it will automatically scan all of the foods and drinks inside the fridge, to check out whether any of those have been expired or not. Beside that, the Health Guard also will list out what is the healthy foods for your family members too!

I'm need to praise this creation, because it will make our daily life becoming even more easy.


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