Blamed the Genetic

Mother: “My dear, can you stop quarrel with your younger sister?”

Son: “Sorry, mummy. I’m afraid you should blamed it to the genetic”

Mother: “Young man, we talking about the quarrel, don’t try to skip away the topic”

Son: “Not, mummy. I did not skip away from it. You don’t know what is genetic was?”

Mother: “Yup, I knowing it better than you are…”

Son: “Great, it is because your daughter likes you and I likes father. As people always said, “Like father like son”!”

Mother: “So, what is the problem?”

Son: “Didn’t you always fight with father at home?”

Mother: “……”

Note: Although above is only a joke, however is also a frequently happening problem all around us. Think of you children, before you both want to start the fight/quarrel.


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