The Key of Healthy Lifestyle - Eat According to Your Blood Type (Part 2)

We continued with the previous unfinished blood types topic…

Today, we will discuss another blood type, which is…

A blood type

Being recognized as the world second genetic blood type. The human races no more live in the cavern, in fact, they had started to cultivate and developed the agriculture industry.

A more sensitive and vegetable/fruits tolerant digestive system had been slowly evolved in this period. This type of blood has stronger antibody system as well.

Those peoples with A blood types are typically more suitable as a vegetarian, too much of meat consuming will leads to the tumors/cancers. They are recommended to consume at least 5-6 servings of fruits everyday for their own good.

Those foods that good for A blood type peoples:

Meat types: No typical type for it.

Vegetables: all types of vegetable (almost 95%); such as chives, carrots, celery, radish, asparagus, cauliflower, mushroom, shallot, watercress, beet, green pepper, red pepper, chili, coriander, cucumber, green bean, pea, lettuce.

Fruits: all type of fruits, such as fig, pineapple, grapefruit, lemon, black dates, almond, cherry, plum, cashew.

Beverages: ginseng tea, wheat grass tea, aloe vera tea, green tea, hot lemon juice, carrot juice, watermelon juice, red grape wine, chive juice.

Those foods that need to be avoided by A blood type peoples:

Meat types: almost all type of meats, especially raw meats (sushi), bacon, ham, hotdogs etc. Still, it’s ok for you to consume the fish’s meat.

Vegetables: olive, tomato, potato, yam, eggplant.

Fruits: banana, coconut, honey-dew melon, mango, papaya, orange.

Beverages: orange juice, papaya juice, tomato juice, beer, red tea, all types of coca-cola, soda.

Note: Stay tuned for the Part 3…


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