Low Cholesterol is The Warning Sign of Cancer!

Cholesterol has always been a concern to our health matter. Most people were scared to find out that their cholesterol was too high. However, despite of the high cholesterol, you should also worry if you having very low cholesterol, as it might be the early sign of cancer!

According to the Hong Kong University Medical Research latest survey on the “bad cholesterol” (Low-density lipoprotein, or LDL), those patients that have very low LDL level will a higher risk of having cancer! Here is the statistic study from the current research:

If the cholesterol level less than 2.8mmol/L, the risk of having cancer will be increased to 74%.

If the cholesterol level higher than 3.8mmol/L, the risk of having cancer will be increased to 87%!

Therefore, we’re better take a good care about our cholesterol level, as too high or too low will also lead to the happening of cancer as well!


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