Maintain Your Cholesterol in Healthy Level!

Many people are worried that high cholesterol can harm their health, but they don’t know if the cholesterol level is too low, it can also lead to a series of adverse consequences too!

For your information, the cholesterol in human body is being produced from these two ways:

Firstly, it absorbs all the animal or vegetable fats from what we have eaten. It can absorb about 30% of the fat from the foods!
Secondly, there is about 1 gram of cholesterol being synthesized from the liver each day.

Cholesterol can play a very important role in our body. It’s the essential parts for brain, hearth, liver, kidney and other internal organs. Cholesterol is the main component of sex hormones and adrenal hormones, where these hormones cannot be separated from the metabolism of cholesterol.

According to the scientists, low cholesterol can be induced stroke, heart diseases and even different types of cancers!


Linda said...

It is very hard to maintain the high and low cholesterol. But once you get it under control, life is good!

raynopss said...

Yeah, I'm agreed with your thought, Linda! No matter what, it's our responsibility to keep our eyes on the cholesterol level...

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