Don’t Soak The Kelp in Hot Water!

People often soaking kelp in hot water for a very long time, as this to remove the white powder on the layer, which they think it’s moldy substances.

Well, you’ve done the wrong thing, as the white powder on the kelp is called “Mannitol”, where it can be used to prevent prostate cancer!

So, next time when you’re preparing the kelp, remember not to soak kelp in hot water or not to rinse it too long, and this to prevent the Mannitol from drain away.

Hope this little tip will help you here ;)


Carla said...

That is good to know. I dont eat kelp very often (but I do take kelp tablets daily), but next time I prepare it, I know what to do.

raynopss said...

Hi Carla,

Glad you've learned something here, Carla :)

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